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I own and also have had a whole lot of ball caps. I don’t wear sports activities related caps, except for some boating and angling hats. Anyway, I have now about 20 caps that I wear for each day use and more that I use for dirty careers like painting.This hat is a keeper–quality, fit, comfort and style. I usually reserve it for outings such as for example camping or informal everyday use. I love it so much, I’ll buy more probably. Hand and hand, no other similar cap stacks up to it. I love to use it with a U.S. flag pin or one of my old G.I. pins.

I was literally floored with the true number of compliments i acquired on this cap. I was looking for a basic baseball cap to put on on vacation. I don’t watch sports activities really and every one of the caps around me had been either costly (bc of sports group licencing – not paying $30 for a cap bc it gets the logo design of a team I dont’ stick to) or completely not my style. I bought this in navy for cheap $ and almost each time I wore it I got a compliment. Seriously? It’s only a Simple HAT! Whatever. It matches well enough, the purchase price was best and it’s organized after a beating. Worth each of the seven dollars I spent on it.

This plain thing is a life saver. It fits just like a normal baseball cap, but breathes like I’m not wearing a hat. I sweat A WHOLE LOT (way more than you probably wished to know) and I bought this for a vacation to Disneyworld in later June. Normally, I would have got sweat pouring down my encounter and my locks would appear to be I simply got out of the shower. This cap wicked aside the sweat and kept my head cool. The more I sweat, the cooler my head got, because this material was quickly thus comfortable and dried.

I take advantage of this hat for work and also have noticed it’s quite long lasting, which I wouldn’t have expected from such an inexpensive product. Sometimes I just toss this hat around in my own car and place weighty items on top of because I’m too lazy to move it taken care of, and even though, the bill hasn’t given way and still maintained its form. Would purchase if the need presented itself again.

Update, 5/6/2015 – Somehow, I lost the first one I bought, a 12 months ago, and We had liked it so much that I ordered a replacement. This new one is even better than the other. Among the things I really like about these caps can be that the band in back again, that adjusts to match the wearer’s head, is NOT plastic but cotton. The first one was long enough to fit any however the hugest head plenty, but too brief to fit into the retaining slot.

Excellent basic hat because of this commuter mom. I’m always in the automobile and driving when sunlight comes up and needed a basic hat to keep in the automobile for extra protection from sunlight. I’m a denims and tshirt gal and required something general and I absolutely love the look and feel of the hat. I purchased from the seller Gravity Trading, and the first hat that was shipped was incorrect, plus they promptly delivered out the correct hat and i want to keep carefully the first one. Excellent customer service, and the first hat will be donated.

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Find Great look Hat

Once it was raining hard, and almost all I had was that hat; I managed to make it back, with my hair totally dry, but my hat was wet. Amazing hat. It’s a little versatile and doesn’t stay static in shape too conveniently, but after more than enough bending/forcing it into place it is fine.Washed the hat after work out and it had been dry within an complete hour hanging on a hook in my bathroom.

That is my husbands favorite hat – and I can tell because he wears it each day. Sits on the head perfectly – not too tall and the expenses isn’t goofy lengthy or short. Has a great sweatband along the front to capture sweat. He wears it everyday and also to play tennis in the heat. This hat is quite breathable and perfect for use in the super hot and humid circumstances of the gulf south. Also machine washable! Didn’t seem to shrink after washing multiple times. Looks as good today as your day we bought it. Strap is normally velco and has not deteriorated. A+ – will reorder.

I have to say i thought the hat was a little too small just, but really I found out why it seemed that real way is because I’ve thick hair, not a big head lol. With a few times shaping it to my head just, it now fits much better. Very nice hat to use around summer time or anytime. I actually just wore it the various other day~ In the future, I will think about getting a another color in it.

Most of the reviews because of this hat are focused on the size, and upon scrolling through a few of the screen titles it is apparent most of these kinds of reviews were done by guys. Now this business CLEARLY don’t realize this is a woman hat, it looks feminine and the sizing reflects that just. Yes, it should be mentioned more explicitly by the seller, but which has nothing to do with the standard of the real hat!Having said that, this hat adjusts pretty wide.

Before a chance was had by me to contact them, customer support rep Wendy emailed me about my dissatisfaction and promptly addressed my issue (see below) with courtesy and respect. She made sure I was pleased with my buy by replacing the cap. I am very satisfied with their efforts and feel as if I was their number 1 customer. EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!!! I love the caps and would again obtain them.Thank you.

I purchased this for my nine year old girl to use as part of a study project where they had to outfit as a person who positively impacted our state. This hat matched flawlessly to the woodland camo pants we got at the army surplus shop. It made the difference in her demonstration really. It perfectly fit her head.

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Amazing hats specifically for the quality

This cap is excellent. The blue camo color is a little bit subdued – properly broken-in looking just, without looking exhausted or distressed. The match is good, and Personally i think comfortable wearing it. EASILY could think of a reason I required another cap, I would absolutely buy another.

I bought this for my 9 year old girl to use within a research project where they had to dress as somebody who positively impacted our state. This hat matched flawlessly to the woodland camo slacks we got at the army surplus shop. It really produced the difference in her presentation. It fit her head perfectly.

We was wanting a hat that fit like a 47 Brand hat but was blank so I could personalize it. This is just like them so if you are aware of 47 Brand hats that’s how it fits. Quality seemed great especially for the price, but we will have after wearing it for a while.

Wow great cap! I bought to wear running but they are so good that I just wear them casually! They shipped extremely fast and arrived in a box large more than enough to allow them to fit without being folded. Packaging was amazing greatest product packaging I’ve gotten for hats. Would buy again! If I had a complaint it might only be that I well may end up buying all the colors. I have a whole lot of hats. Still, I am happy with this purchase.

Excellent and inexpensive cap. It matches well, is comfortable, and appears to be well made. The fabric is the right weight for me too just. It is not overweight like canvas, rather than too thin and inexpensive feeling. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice everyday hat.

Let’s face it, my head is not your standard shape. I have four of these hats now. They are the preferred casual hats I have ever owned.Regular baseball types never fit me right. My head is usually long from front side to back relative to the width. Additional caps give me a headache. These could be adjusted to fit my head – odd form or not. My head is happy. Me too. All fit the same – tan, blue , blue and green. Surely they may be adjusted to fit even normal shapes.

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Purchase Affordable Hat

I’ve probably and average to slightly big head because We have plenty of chemo curls, but with that said, I really like the way it matches and is adjustable. I like that the front rise on the hat it taller than many others that I’ve as I do embroidery, or temperature transfers on them to outfit them up. If somebody has a small head, it may be a little large…..but the adjustment would take care of that maybe. It will be very blingy when I get done with it.

I usually believe that I have a larger head. This hat felt only a small big at it’s default adjustment. Obviously, I could tighten it to match. Very absorbent, but still keeps the heat in a bit on a hot day just. However, without hair to protect my mind this is what I have to do if I’m working on a sunny day.

Love caps that are so soft and comfortable, so caps would provide me a headache, not this one. I love the Velcro always! So simple to get the proper suit! It washes well. I place it in the washer after that let it air dry so that it won’t fade over time. The hat was got by me in black, and it’s pretty much the same dark as any other clothing, so if you are worried the black version may be a light gray due to the pictures, you can stop worrying.

Great hat I’ve a small head so most hats are to high for me much less secure on my head. This hat is perfect! Hat fits the very best of my egg shaped head perfectly. The slide buckle adjustment also an advantage for a far more comfortable and custom fit than the plastic material snap adjusters used on other brands. Ordered another color the moment this one arrived.

I liked the hat specially when i straight have my hair. I think it’s a nice extra look to an clothing. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars rather than 5 is because it’s not that adjustable. Thankfully I mostly wear the hat when my locks is straight therefore adjusting it isn’t really a issue, but I tried wearing it with my locks when it was curly once and it was pretty restricted on my head. It could be adjusted to a smaller size mostly, not really a larger one.

Bought this to use while hiking and it’s been great. It can help wick aside moisture from my brow, keeps sunlight out of my eye, but because it is normally a lighter color does not attract to very much heat. I really like my hat and maintain it with me from springtime to fall for whenever I am outside now, and that says a whole lot because I normally hate just how hats experience on my head so I never wear them.

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Value Hats offers for women too

The hat is constructed of very nice material. Im no professional on which kind of material it really is but i understand it’s good quality. When i got it first, i thought i appeared as if a train conductor because the sides puffed out a little but that was set when i tightened the strap at the trunk. This hat enables you to appear to be a badass. Like if some one said something rude, you’d be able to ruin their jaw in one puch. 10/10 would recommend

Suits great! I didn’t except much when I bought it. I needed a simple hat just, so when it arrived I was surprised pleasantly. Fits pictures and description. One thing I’d change about it is probably make it a bit longer, so it would sit nearer to my ears. Other than that it’s an excellent buy!

I actually am quite particular approximately the hats We wear (as I end and think about it, most people are… After all… you don’t just go around shoving anything onto your head and calling it a day time… do you?) and this particular hat is just comfortable and great. I bought it for a Function and Play hat where I would have to be capable to utilize it for long periods of time with full ear enclosing hearing security and headphones, and has quickly turned into a hat I wear all the right time because it is so light, comfortable, and beautiful.

These hats have a classic look and are a comprehensive lot less common than a baseball cap. I have a pretty big head plus they fit nicely. I bought this two pack for everyday use and then another one from a different listing that is much higher quality (but also cost). As the other is definitely nicer (I bought it for when I go somewhere a little nicer), these work great for everyday wear and so are light weight.

Not as dark green as it appears about my computer, but still goes with my dark green outfit. It is well-crafted and suits well. The strap is normally adjustable with a steel buckle that keeps the strap size in tact (no velcro). The standard of workmanship is excellent. I thought for the price it could not be that well made, but was happy and surprised it is a high quality hat. I have a minimal brow and this hat will not lie therefore low that it covers my eyes as some hats perform. In addition, it stays in place so I don’t have to keep rising it to see.

Wow great cap! I bought to wear running however they are so good that I simply wear them casually! They shipped very fast and found its way to a box large plenty of to allow them to fit without being folded. Packaging was amazing greatest packaging I’ve gotten for hats. Would buy again! If I had a complaint it might only be that I well may finish up buying all the colors. I have a lot of hats. Still, I am happy with this purchase.

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Best Adidas Hat

I have a big head. Most hats just fit barely, if — and only since I’ve lost my hair can I really actually wear hats.I think this hat covers all head sizes, from the smallest to the biggest, unless you’re a 5 year-old then you would not really be reading this review, or you are a cyclops. Good hat. I will be buying more.

I own and have had a complete lot of ball caps. I don’t wear sports related caps, except for some boating and angling hats. Anyway, I have right now about 20 caps that I wear for each day use and even more that I take advantage of for dirty jobs like painting.This hat is a keeper–quality, fit, style and comfort. I usually reserve it for outings such as camping or casual everyday use. I love it so much, I will probably buy more. Side by side, no other comparable cap stands up to it. I love to use it with a U.S. flag pin or one of my old G.We. pins.

This hat is much too big for me, but this was expected because I’ve a small head. Tightening the strap produced the circumference fit, but there exists a bump in the back and it still comes all the way down over the top of my ears. In case you have a smaller than average head this probably isn’t the hat for you. However, it is high quality and the maroon color matched the image. It shipped promptly and match my sister, with some adjustment, who has a large head.

Love caps that are so comfortable and soft, so caps would give me a headache, not that one. I love the Velcro always! So simple to get the right fit! It washes well. I put it in the washer after that allow it air dry so that it won’t fade as time passes. The hat was got by me in dark, and it’s virtually the same black as any other clothes, so if you are worried the black version may be a light gray due to the pictures, you can stop worrying.

A couple was bought by me personally of the to wear to function. Great hat, particularly for the price. Light-weight. Well constructed. Higher quality stitching; the stitching is covered. Built for long hauls and weighty loads. The only issue I’ve with them is, being light weight, they aren’t very absorbent, and I function in a fairly hot, high humility environment (you understand, Nebraska, and all that).

I like that it is organically grown, causing less toxic invasion of chemicals to our soil and earth, but it was made about the Asian continent thousands of kilometers from here, adding to its footprint. I’d have preferred something manufactured in Canada, Mexico, or the united states as they’re much nearer.The hat is quite nice, functional, and adjustable.

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Impressive presentation Hat online for men

Quality is way better than portrayed and expected in picture.The black is very black that I am afraid to wash it.The adjuster is very gives and sturdy a good grip to the running belt.It will not push down about ears. The variable band helps you to loose or restricted it as per requirement . Yes there is absolutely no logo or something so if you are logo freak/ brand freak appear somewhere else.

My spouse has a sizable head and I was a bit concerned these wouldn’t fit or appear too cheap. I gave them to him for Christmas and he was thrilled! He has worn them each day. They’re definitely worthwhile and I think I’m going to order him a few more as some guys can’t have sufficient newsboy or cabbie hats.

I wanted a hat for working and running outdoors. My requirements for the hat include the need to keep the sun from my mind and out of my eyes, stay on my head while I move about, and keep the sweat out of my eye. I selected the oyster color, which may be the lightest color, to ensure that the hat does not become too sizzling in sunlight. The hat is 100% cotton, except the buckle, eyelets, and tags, and washes right in the laundry with my other dirty clothes.

This hat fits well, looks is and great very comfortable to put on. I’ve a somewhat difficult period looking for hats due to having a head that is just a bit bigger than most, but thanks to the adaptable strap in the back, this hat fits perfectly. The material is very comfortable to wear actually. This is a very good hat to purchase if you are searching for comfort and ease, function and to display the American Flag in a tasteful and yet subdued manner.

This cap is fantastic. The blue camo color is a little bit subdued – perfectly broken-in looking just, without looking worn out or distressed. The fit is good, and I feel comfortable wearing it. If I could think of grounds I required another cap, I’d absolutely buy another.

This hat is great really. I have it in the rust color and was pleased that it is in fact a soft orangy rust. I’m impressed by the standard of this hat, the variable part in back has a well made type of clasp and the materials is not flimsy. The hat firs quite well, while I’m a small female I’d say I’ve a somewhat proportionally big head. The hat fits totally comfortably and does not rub in any weird places just like the ears.

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