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Once it was raining hard, and almost all I had was that hat; I managed to make it back, with my hair totally dry, but my hat was wet. Amazing hat. It’s a little versatile and doesn’t stay static in shape too conveniently, but after more than enough bending/forcing it into place it is fine.Washed the hat after work out and it had been dry within an complete hour hanging on a hook in my bathroom.

That is my husbands favorite hat – and I can tell because he wears it each day. Sits on the head perfectly – not too tall and the expenses isn’t goofy lengthy or short. Has a great sweatband along the front to capture sweat. He wears it everyday and also to play tennis in the heat. This hat is quite breathable and perfect for use in the super hot and humid circumstances of the gulf south. Also machine washable! Didn’t seem to shrink after washing multiple times. Looks as good today as your day we bought it. Strap is normally velco and has not deteriorated. A+ – will reorder.

I have to say i thought the hat was a little too small just, but really I found out why it seemed that real way is because I’ve thick hair, not a big head lol. With a few times shaping it to my head just, it now fits much better. Very nice hat to use around summer time or anytime. I actually just wore it the various other day~ In the future, I will think about getting a another color in it.

Most of the reviews because of this hat are focused on the size, and upon scrolling through a few of the screen titles it is apparent most of these kinds of reviews were done by guys. Now this business CLEARLY don’t realize this is a woman hat, it looks feminine and the sizing reflects that just. Yes, it should be mentioned more explicitly by the seller, but which has nothing to do with the standard of the real hat!Having said that, this hat adjusts pretty wide.

Before a chance was had by me to contact them, customer support rep Wendy emailed me about my dissatisfaction and promptly addressed my issue (see below) with courtesy and respect. She made sure I was pleased with my buy by replacing the cap. I am very satisfied with their efforts and feel as if I was their number 1 customer. EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!!! I love the caps and would again obtain them.Thank you.

I purchased this for my nine year old girl to use as part of a study project where they had to outfit as a person who positively impacted our state. This hat matched flawlessly to the woodland camo pants we got at the army surplus shop. It made the difference in her demonstration really. It perfectly fit her head.

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