Great worth Jewelry for the purchase price considering its a true name brand

These earrings sparkle really !The post is wonderful and longer and feels very secure.I don’t believe anyone would know they are CZ with being told.I have just had them for under a week so I am not sure how the plating will endure, but great up to now.I have lost more than one diamond stud so I thought why not try the CZ and easily lose one it really is no big expense.

The product quality is outstanding!Actually my mother stated that just how they are strung collectively in a very high quality and she was extremely impressed with them aswell.I look forward to wearing them for many different occasions.They are extremely easy to dress up or wear informal and the distance is perfect for me because they are a shorter length.This will be a piece that I can hand down to my daughter someday.

Appreciate these – not too large, not too small, traditional basket placing, the sparkle is great.They’re 5mm in diameter, and 1/2 carat each.It’s got the traditional gold loop backs which are little but secure (not the bullet backs).The sparkle is insane, and if indeed they were any bigger they might be obvious fakes; as of this size, many would think they could be real.Regardless, for this price they’re lovely and fun.

The quality of the pearls is very good with good color, slight variation in form, and good lustre.We didn’t see any chipping or flaking, which can apparently be an issue with lower-priced pearls.Not so here.The gift box the necklace arrived in was quite nice also, and does not have any tacky logos or anything onto it – just a fine, simple box.Quite impressed with the worthiness.

These are prettier personally even.The hooks are alright – not the worst, however, not the strongest, either.There is a little of weight to the earrings, but nothing that would prevent me from wearing them all full day or forever.The resin is superior, and the flowers were all smooth and bright. These earrings are adored by me, and highly recommend them.

It’s a little issue but I prefer earrings to be mirror images rather than identical.The flowers aren’t exact so it appears that they are really dried flowers and not simply plastic bits that appear to be flowers.They have a thick, silver bezel around the smooth acrylic floral part and the hooks are solid rather than too thin.Amazing to possess a product as precise as pictured, particularly when all of them are handcrafted.

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