Purchase Affordable Hat

I’ve probably and average to slightly big head because We have plenty of chemo curls, but with that said, I really like the way it matches and is adjustable. I like that the front rise on the hat it taller than many others that I’ve as I do embroidery, or temperature transfers on them to outfit them up. If somebody has a small head, it may be a little large…..but the adjustment would take care of that maybe. It will be very blingy when I get done with it.

I usually believe that I have a larger head. This hat felt only a small big at it’s default adjustment. Obviously, I could tighten it to match. Very absorbent, but still keeps the heat in a bit on a hot day just. However, without hair to protect my mind this is what I have to do if I’m working on a sunny day.

Love caps that are so soft and comfortable, so caps would provide me a headache, not this one. I love the Velcro always! So simple to get the proper suit! It washes well. I place it in the washer after that let it air dry so that it won’t fade over time. The hat was got by me in black, and it’s pretty much the same dark as any other clothing, so if you are worried the black version may be a light gray due to the pictures, you can stop worrying.

Great hat I’ve a small head so most hats are to high for me much less secure on my head. This hat is perfect! Hat fits the very best of my egg shaped head perfectly. The slide buckle adjustment also an advantage for a far more comfortable and custom fit than the plastic material snap adjusters used on other brands. Ordered another color the moment this one arrived.

I liked the hat specially when i straight have my hair. I think it’s a nice extra look to an clothing. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars rather than 5 is because it’s not that adjustable. Thankfully I mostly wear the hat when my locks is straight therefore adjusting it isn’t really a issue, but I tried wearing it with my locks when it was curly once and it was pretty restricted on my head. It could be adjusted to a smaller size mostly, not really a larger one.

Bought this to use while hiking and it’s been great. It can help wick aside moisture from my brow, keeps sunlight out of my eye, but because it is normally a lighter color does not attract to very much heat. I really like my hat and maintain it with me from springtime to fall for whenever I am outside now, and that says a whole lot because I normally hate just how hats experience on my head so I never wear them.

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