Stunning Womens Watch adequate for the price

I do plane skI tours at the beach during the summertime, needed a waterproof watch and this one looks awesome.I actually had a hard time choosing which color backlight to use because each of them really compliment the entire aesthetic.Only negative I can think of is I wish there have been an option to have the backlight completely lit, since it looks that cool simply.

I am still schooling for the Sprint-TrI and run two or three 3 times weekly, swim 1 or 2 2 times weekly, and cycle 1 or 2 2 times per week.The view is performing fine, is secure, the stop-watch feature is simple to use, and is still a 5-star rating for me personally.So far so excellent!Turned off most of my tracking apps and bought this view instead.

The strap is rubbery and comfortable, and the watch is waterproof.We took it to the seaside and even wore it in the shower, it still works perfectly!My only complaint is that it seems easy to scratch (the face already had a little one on it when We opened the package) but other than that the truth is surprisingly tough.It has been dropped, bumped, even chewed on by my kitten and still no noticeable damage.

Love how this gives me at that moment tracking to allow me personally to force myself towards the end if We see that won’t meet my goal as I positioned on it.Since it also tracks sleeping I was worried that it would be uncomfortable at night but to my shock it had been like I wasn’t wearing anything on my wrist.overall think this can help me reach my workout goals.

I was skeptical initially since the watch was thus cheap just.I felt like maybe We was getting a thing that arrived of a cereal package.I trusted the good reviews and ordered it.For the purchase price I figured you will want to give it a try.When the watch arrived I arranged enough time and date.The settings are extremely simple to use.It comes with a little manual that you don’t really need since it’s easy to set up.

I will be heading out for some basic teaching here shortly and thought I should buy and get used to a view that I can have there.Basic training will be the ultimate test obviously, but at this stage I love it.I hardly ever used to wear watches, and since I had the fitbit, I am deeply in love with watches completely.No need to grab your stinking phone away of your pocket (that will end up being a scrolling session since you have it in your hands anyway).

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