The rarest Dangler worth a try for men

It’s one of my favorite shades of green: sort of a mossy, herb, sage color.It’s fairly large (will upload photos later) and I really like it.Looks great against a black t-shirt or dress!It does include an extra chain which is great because the large one is seriously large.

We was hesitant after reading the testimonials, but took a possibility.I ordered the two bracelets you see in picture 1!I did some research after getting the package.I looked up both bracelets to ensure the charms were accurate.And the last picture implies that they are!The finish is perfect.The packaging is proven in picture 2 and honestly could of been better, but the bracelets were not damaged or anything so that’s awesome.

Its about family.Its about the deep rooted love and closeness of a family.For me, that is highly meaningful so when I use it it reminds me to always do and be my best for my family.It reminds me they are generally with me. It has many different meanings also.

I had initially given this item a 1-star review only because it had broken on the first adjustment my girl did to it.I immediately got contacted by the seller and work with me into meeting my expectations.For this reason I’m giving them a 5-star review now, great customer service and to be honest, the ring is quite beautiful.It happens, sometimes items are defected and I’m glad they were able to correct it.

I was determined to get her a thing that she could really use this time.So, I Googled 30th Anniversary presents and after learning that pearls were the original gift given, I used my calipers to measure her fake pearls even though she was in the shower, hopped to Amazon and found these in my cost range, checked the evaluations about Fakespot and Bob’s Your Uncle, they are loved by her!You gotta’ appreciate the Internet!

In the end, the positive reviews caused me to create this purchase (I was skeptical of a AAAA rating, even from the same vendor) The pearls are beautiful, very nice color, slightly off-round, producing them look a bit squat, however, not in a noticeable fashion- even more something I’d look at and state hmmm.They are loved by her, wears them all the right time, and makes me feel just like a hero for replacing the set she left behind.

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