The Wristwatches is just perfect and the digits are extremely clear

Just what a great, smart looking, well made watch!Noticed it at a major department shop, was tempted to buy it…glad I came home and checked Amazon’s cost!Saved a BUNDLE for the specific watch my husband wanted.Indiglo is absolutely bright and the band is performed in a mixture of gun metal and black which is so attractive…can be worn informal or dressy.

A watch was wanted by me that was inexpensive.I researched online, including Amazon, and I came across this brand.The reviews are read by me because i possibly could not believe an excellent watch would ever come at that price. I took a risk, and I’m glad I did.After a couple of days, the bundle arrived.I opened it in front of my partner and kids. I told them just how much it cost, and we could not believe our eye when we saw what we noticed.It’s a beautiful watch.

Just got this.It was simple to create, and I’m already using it to track my steps.Watches and bracelets bug me typically, which is why I never got something like this before, but this is lightweight and We barely realize it’s there.I really like that I can check my heart rate with it and customize which options I wish to see.For example, I don’t work or ride a bike, so could remove those items using the app, and could put in a workout option instead.

Initial let’s level the playing field…it’s a Casio G-Shock knock off.It offers almost identical styling, and shares many features with it’s more costly counterpart.Right out of the box, I have to say I was fairly impressed for a $13 view.It has a sizable easy to read encounter, stopwatch, tells you the entire day time of the week, has an alarm, and offers an impressive selection of colorful back lighting, including a single pretty awesome flashing setting which includes all the colors.

Nice watch!IT REALLY IS LARGE but light-weight and had not been a issue for me ( I am moderate built).For the price it was an excellent option for a short-term dive watch.We am a recreational diver and cannot justify a high-grade multi-hundred $$ dive view, nor do Personally i think like taking my regular watch under water.So this watch worked okay as a vacation watch.

I actually come across the sound quite comforting when the watch is raised by me near my ear.Finally, the leather!I’ve been wearing this watch for less than two months, and currently the leather is ageing beautifully.Initially, the leather was unimpressive and pale, but the more it really is worn by you, the even more amazing the leather can look. This watch shall be getting lots of attention for years to come.

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